Every donation counts!

Donations come in all sizes, and they all count. Together they continue to build our fund so that every year it can earn interest, which in turn supports local charities in the form of grants. Your donation, in effect, gives forever.

Donations to the Fund qualify for charitable receipts for income tax purposes. If you wish to make a donation now, there are two convenient ways to do so. One is to make a donation to the Nanaimo Foundation, but you must specify that the donation is to go to the Ladysmith Community Fund. You will receive a tax receipt from the Foundation.

Donations can also be made through a charity called CanadaHelps. Navigate their web site to the Nanaimo Foundation portal, and then to the Ladysmith Community Fund from the drop-down menu there. You will receive a tax receipt from CanadaHelps; note that they deduct 3.9% from your donation for their service. Automatic monthly donations can also be done through CanadaHelps.

Does your company offer its employees the opportunity to make charitable gifts through payroll deductions? If so, we would be grateful if you would consider adding the Ladysmith Community Fund to the list of options.

Donations may also be considered in the longer term. Consider leaving a bequest to the Ladysmith Community Fund in your will. Talk to an estate planning professional for advice on the best approach for you.

The Ladysmith Community Fund Society is not a registered charity and cannot give income tax receipts. However, we do have expenses to cover: Insurance, web hosting, printing, membership in the Chamber of Commerce, and more. We welcome donations to the Society (not the endowment fund) to help us cover those costs. Sponsorships and in-kind contributions are welcome. If you become a member of LCFS, your membership helps us defray costs, too.

We also encourage donors to continue to support their favourite charities directly. With donations for the short term and the long term, we can contribute to a strong and vibrant community.

If you have any questions about a contribution please email us through the Contact page.