Ladysmith Community Fund Issues Call for Grant Proposals

May 5, 2023

The Ladysmith Community Fund Society has issued its first call for proposals from charitable organizations in the Ladysmith area to receive a grant from the Ladysmith Community Fund. The Fund, which was established in 2021, has grown to the point where LCFS can use the revenue it earns to issue a charitable grant. President Bruce Whittington explained that the amount of the first grant will be small at $600. But, Whittington said, “We wanted to start giving back to the community as soon as we could, even if it is a small first step.” He added that more funds will be available in 2024, “and every year after that—forever.”

The deadline for applications is midnight, June 5th, and LCFS anticipates that funds will be issued in July. Applicants must be charities or other “qualified donees” as described under the Income Tax Act. Details of the grant application process, along with a downloadable application form, can be found under the “Granting” button on the LCFS website. LCFS also welcomes email enquiries at